Willkommen bei der Parker Filtration Group
Die Hiross-Zander Division hat ab sofort eine eigene Webpräsenz auf der Homepage ihres Mutterkonzerns Parker Hannifin. Unsere neue Präsenz finden Sie unter www.parker.com/hzd und www.parker.com/zander. Wir arbeiten zurzeit daran Ihren Onlineaufenthalt so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten. Zukünftig werden Sie automatisch dorthin weitergeleitet! Wir freuen uns schon auf Ihren Besuch!


Welcome to the Parker Filtration Group
The Hiross-Zander Division now has her own internet presence on the web pages of her parent company Parker Hannifin. Our new presence can already be found by using the URLs www.parker.com/hzd and www.parker.com/zander. At the moment we are working on this new page to make your visit as pleasant as possible. In future www.zander.de will automatically redirect you there. We are looking forward to your visit!


concept WVModular


High end adsorption by means of vacuum regeneration

  • savings of 25% are possible compared to conventional systems
  • active heating under vacuum with ambient air
  • since 2009 LCD touch screen display control (standard!), operation status and measurements at a glance
  • intensive cooling
  • no purge air, thus pressure build up on the wet side
  • changeover without dew point peak
  • standard pressure dew point -25° / -40°C
  • option: reliable dew points down to -70°C
  • new function alarm for pressure, temperature, heating, vacuum pump and vessel changeover
  • standard-capacity of up to 14500 m³/h, higher capacities available on request

System options:

  • pressure dew point control,
  • isolation (as an option)


concept WK


Uses compression temperature for regeneration

  • adsorption up to 3 hours
  • flow direction from bottom to top through the desiccant bed
  • regeneration heating <1 hour with full flow in the opposite direction from top to bottom
  • cooling <1/2 hour with full flow
  • stand by >1 1/2 hours compensates for an increased moisture level and allows the dryer to work with two compressors
  • synchronised valves
  • switch over under operating pressure, thus low-noise operation
  • function monitoring
  • standard-capacity of up to 12500 m³/h, higher capacities available on request
  • system-options: pressure dew point control, isolation


concept WE

Conventional system

  • large_WE_4400blower regeneration with external regeneration
  • heating under pressure with atmospheric air in a reverse flow
  • approx. 3.5% requirement of purge air after the cooling down for a stable pressure dew point
  • pressure dew points -25° / -40°C
  • function information
  • system options: pressure dew point control, isolation
  • special designs: in stainless steel as CO2 gas dryer for breweries and special gases


concept WI for CO2 purification

large_WI_CO2-GasFor beverage (brewery and soft drink industry), we offer special purifier for every application to ensure the optimum CO2 quality. See the unit on the right side as an example for a high capacity unit (brewery application, adsorption dryer in stainless steel).





Plant Engineering (general plant construction)


If standard units are not the optimum choise, ParkerZander as the world wide specialist is able to offer very special high performance purification units, adsorption dryer& Filtration skid unit for applications like:
Refinery, Marine, Off Shore, High Pressure, Ex proof, designed in stainless steel, special silencing, special approvals (e.g. ASME VIII PED incl. 31B certificate), API 52, Rainforces etc.
Other requirements? Please talk to us.

Picture on the right side:
A complete redundant and special purification system, designed for a big refinery in India type concept WVM 410